The beginnings of Brownie & Co. are what dreams are made of. For over 20 years, Brownie & Co. owner, Karen Cheeks-Lomax baked brownies for her children's bake sales and also was a practicing attorney. A stickler for the best tasting brownie, she began in earnest to build upon the layers of flavors that would appeal to the most discriminating palate, creating the perfect brownie experience. Soon, friends and family urged her to consider starting a business. When her daughter Camille moved back to New York after graduating from college in 2011, Karen finally considered this as a viable business option.

Camille, a marketing and branding expert, helped give creative shape to Brownie & Co. through their virtual bakery and pop-up shops. "It is so wonderful to have my daughter Camille working alongside of me. Her business savvy and expertise in brand identity and strategy gives us an amazing advantage. I am fortunate to have the gift of a child as a colleague and business partner."

As a lawyer and the CEO of a nonprofit in Westchester, Karen still finds time to do one of the most important things in her career; baking brownies.

Her mantra is simple. "Follow your spiritual journey, and God will always create opportunities where there is passion."