The beginnings of Brownie & Co. are what dreams are made of. After making brownies for over 20 years for her children’s bake sales; friends and family urged Brownie & Co. owner Karen Cheeks- Lomax to consider starting a business. But it was not until her daughter Camille moved back to New York after graduating from American University in 2011, that she seriously considered this as a business option. Camille, the second of her three daughters gave creative shape to an idea that had been a dream of Karen’s for many years. For the past 2 years, Karen and Camille have given life to Brownie & Co. through their virtual bakery and pop-up shops.

“I am blessed to have my daughter Camille working side by side with me. Her business savvy and expertise in brand identity and strategy. I am fortunate to have the gift of a child as a colleague and business partner.” As a lawyer and the CEO of a non-profit in Westchester, Karen still finds time to do one of the most important things in her career baking brownies. 

"No matter what it may be, it is amazing what one can accomplish with determination."